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Cost of hiring a campervan

When you receive a quote for hiring a campervan, or are comparing quotes, you need to be aware of what is included in the quote. It may well be that a cheaper per-day rate ends up being more expensive when you add on the additional costs.

Standard costs

The basics that you should be aware of:

  • Rentals are charged per calendar day.
  • Charges will most likely be in Australian dollars -- be aware of exchange rates, which may change between
    • booking and payment.
    • payment of insurance bond and receiving your refund.
  • All quotes should include 10% GST.
  • There is unlikely to be a refund for late pick up or early return of vehicle.

Additional fees

There may be additional fees for:

  • An administration levy.
  • Paying by credit card, which may vary depending on the type of card.
  • One-way rental.
  • Younger drivers.
  • Extra drivers.
  • Picking up from particular locations.
  • Change to drop-off location.
  • Cancellations.
  • Changes or extensions to the booking period.
  • Inclusions.
  • Insurance.
  • Any fines for speeding, parking or traffic infringements, or road tolls are likely to be recovered, and are also likely to incur an administration fee.

Possible discounts

There may be the possibility of a discount:

  • If a booking is made significantly before the date the vehicle is required.
  • For long-term rentals.

Credit cards from overseas

You need to be aware of exchange rates on overseas credit cards. You will be required to leave a bond on the rental of a campervan, which will be refunded when you return the van. However, if the exchange rate changes the amount that is refunded may be significantly less than the amount that you originally paid. Check the details with your bank before you hire the van.

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