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How to decide on the type of campervan or motorhome to hire for your Australian travels

You've decided you want to hire a campervan or motorhome for your travel in Australia, now how do you decide on the type of vehicle to hire?

It would be nice to have a large motorhome with all the latest in modern conveniences, but are you going to be comfortable driving it? You need to find a balance between something big enough to live in and small enough to drive around.

The vehicle you decide on will depend on your answers to the questions below.

Where are you going?

  • Only main roads?
  • Dirt tracks? Most hire companies won't allow 2WDs on unsealed roads.
  • Cities, deserts, beaches, mountains, rain forests?

How are going to travel:

  • Constant travelling and stopping in a different location every night? You'll need something that's quick and easy to set up and pack up.
  • Extended stays in one location? You'll need some form of transport while camped.

Where do you want to stay?

  • Caravan parks? You will be able to use the caravan park's facilities.
  • Bush (free) camps? You'll need to have all facilities in your van.
  • National Parks?
  • A combination?

What sort of sleeping arrangements do you need?

  • Are you happy with a swag under the stars?
  • Do you want a queen size bed?
  • Are you happy with sleeping over the cab? Not if you're claustrophobic!.
  • Do you want to set up and pack up your bed every day?

What about meals? Do you want to:

  • Cook in the van, using all the latest appliances? Space is usually restricted and cooking odours can linger.
  • Use your own cooking equipment outside the van? You have to set it up and pack up every night, and you could be sharing with insects.
  • Use caravan park or camping ground cooking facilities? Cleanliness and suitability vary, but you could make friends.
  • Eat out every night? Gets expensive.

Are you going to:

  • Generally live in the van?
  • Do most of your "living" outside? You'll need outside chairs and tables, and an awning.

What about entertainment needs?

  • TV? Reception is variable outside towns.
  • DVD, laptop computer? Do you have the power?

Do you need:

  • Heating?
  • Cooling? Generally will only be available if you're plugged into mains power.

What about shower and toilet facilities?

  • Do you need these in your van?
  • Will you always stay in locations that have these facilities?

There are lots of questions for you to answer, but only you know what you need to be comfortable.

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