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Possible discounts for cheaper campervan hire

Most campervan and motorhome rental campervans offer a variety of discounts. You may be able to save a lot of money, making your holiday even cheaper, by using discounts such as:

  • Long term hire -- you can generally obtain a discount if you hire the campervan for a period longer than 21 days, and the longer the period the greater the discount.
  • Early bird discounts -- with a number of companies, if you arrange your hire more than 180 days in advance you may qualify for a discount.
  • Multi-hire discounts -- for those companies that operate in New Zealand as well as Australia, you may be able to obtain a discount if you hire a campervan or motorhome in one country then fly to the other and hire another van.
  • Off-peak discounts -- if you time your visit to avoid peak times, such as school holidays, then your hire will be much cheaper.
  • Caravan park discount -- many rental companies provide discounts at one or more of the caravan park chains.
  • Free-camping -- you can save a significant amount of money by free-camping -- ask your hire company for a camping ground guide.
  • Relocations -- some companies have very cheap relocations where they need a vehicle transported from one location to another.

These discounts, where applicable, are available for any campervan hire -- beware those broker sites that lead you to believe that these discounts are only available if you book from their sites. Always ask your hire company for any discounts that they provide.

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