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Facilities or amenities in hired campervans and motorhomes

The facilities and amenities available vary between types of campervans and motorhomes. The facilities you require will depend on your individual circumstances and you should ensure that the vehicle you hire has the facilities that you require.

  • Sleeping arrangements vary considerably:
    • There are fold-down beds that double-up as daytime seating.
    • Some beds are built over the top of the cab.
    • There is also an island type.
    • Beds may be single, double or queen sized.
    • There may be a number of bedrooms.
  • Cooking, eating and food storage facilities:
    • Most campervans will have a fridge, which may be powered by gas, battery power or mains power and may be able to switch between different power sources.
    • Cooking facilities can include gas or electric powered cook-top, oven and grill, as well as a microwave oven
    • All but the smallest vans have some sort of a table and food preparation areas.
  • Comfort
    • Air conditioning and/or heating may be available.
  • Most campervans have some form of living area inside, with:
    • A television.
    • DVD player.
    • Radio/CD/MP3 player.
  • Power:
    • Electricity is supplied by battery or by mains power at a caravan park.
    • Propane gas is generally used for cooking.
  • Water:
    • Fresh water is provided either from on-board tanks or hooked up to town water in a caravan park.
    • Campervans can have a toilet, shower or even a full bathroom.
    • Hot water can be provided by a gas or electric powered water heater.
    • Some have storage tanks for grey water and black water.
  • External living:
    • The campervan may be supplied with an awning or annex.
    • Chairs and tables may be provided. 

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