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Fuel in your hired campervan

Campervans and motorhomes will generally be powered by either petrol (referred to in some countries as gasoline) or diesel. Some may also run on gas -- in Australia this refers to LPG (which is a gas), not gasoline (which is a liquid).

Petrol, diesel and gas are all sold by the litre, and the price and availability varies across the country. The price will be cheaper in large towns and cities. If you're driving in rural and outback areas you need to be aware of how far your vehicle can travel on a tank of fuel and how far away your next fuel stop is -- and ensure that the next fuel stop carries the type of fuel that you require for your vehicle.

Most supermarkets provide fuel discount dockets when you spend a certain amount in their store. These may assist in reducing the cost of your travel.

Generally your hired campervan will be provided with a full tank of fuel, and you will be expected to return the vehicle with the tank refilled.

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