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Cheapest campervan and motorhome hire -- relocations in Australia from $1 per day

By far the cheapest campervan and motorhome rentals in Australia are $1 per day relocations, available from Camperman Australia external link and Apollo external link.

How does it work

Campervan and motorhome rental companies will, at times, have a vehicle in one location that is due to be hired out from another location in a few days so they have to find some way of getting the vehicle to the rental location. You can take advantage of this by hiring a vehicle for just $1 per day, which may even include free fuel, and, if going to or from Tasmania, free ferry fares.

The downside to this is a lack of flexibility -- you have to pick up the vehicle in a particular location and deliver it to another specified location in a set number of days.


Conditions vary depending on the hire company and where the vehicle is to be delivered. Standard conditions may include:

  • Each rental is for a set number of days and kilometres.
  • You will pay for any additional kilometres travelled.
  • Extra days may be booked at a set rate, subject to availability.
  • You will be charged a significant fee if the vehicle is returned late or delivered to the wrong location.
  • Standard rental conditions generally apply.
  • There may be a minimum driver age.
  • Relocations may include free fuel and/or free ferry to/from Tasmania.
  • Vehicle insurance cover is included, liability may be reduced by paying an additional per-day fee.


More information and a list of current relocations are available from Camperman Australia external link or Apollo Campers external link websites.

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