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Travel insurance

If you're hiring a campervan you may consider that travel insurance is an unnecessary cost as the hired vehicle will be covered by insurance, but there are a number of reasons why you should consider travel insurance.

  • Travel insurance will cover you for:
    • The rental vehicle excess, which may be much cheaper than increasing the per-day hire rate to reduce the excess.
    • Any delays or cancellations that mean you cannot pick up your vehicle as previously booked.
  • The campervan insurance will not cover you for:
    • Loss of or damage to your personal belongings.
    • Illnesses or injuries that happen outside of the vehicle.

Travel insurance should be considered both by visitors to Australia as well as Australians travelling within the country. This is especially important if you've booked your campervan well before your intended travel date as you can never predict what may happen to prevent you from being able to travel.

Shop around to ensure you get the best policy for you. It is much cheaper to buy your travel insurance on-line and this also makes it easier to compare policies. Make sure you check all the details of each policy, not just the price -- a lower premium will usually mean a higher excess and you may not be covered for items that you need.

The unexpected may happen anytime before or during your trip, and when you consider the potential expense, the cost of travel insurance is minimal and will give you the peace of mind to enable you to enjoy your travel.

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