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How and where can I purchase travel insurance?

The best option for travel insurance to go with your cheap campervan hire is to purchase your insurance on-line from a site that specialises in travel insurance.

Where to get your travel insurance

Travel insurance is available from travel agents and tour operators, but these usually cost significantly more than buying from independent travel insurance providers.

There are many insurance companies with a range of policies available and it pays to shop around to get the best deal.

You could obtain your travel insurance in person or by phone, but it is generally cheaper to arrange this on-line. If you're wanting to contact your insurers while you're travelling, either to extend your cover, make a claim, or if you have questions, then on-line contact is generally best.

When purchasing on-line, check that your site promotes the security of the information you enter and that your personal information is used only for the creation and operation of your insurance policy and not divulged to third parties.

When to obtain your travel insurance

It is strongly recommended that you purchase your travel insurance as soon as you've booked your travel.

If you're travelling from overseas, some insurance companies will only allow you to purchase your travel insurance before you leave your home country, but there are some companies who will allow you to purchase it after you arrive here.

You may be able to purchase your insurance as you go. If you're travelling for an extended period it may suit you to only buy insurance for short periods at a time, especially if your plans are flexible. Alternatively it may be better to purchase an annual policy.

What to look for in your policy

When comparing quotes, look at the details of their policies, checking for such things as:

  • Limits on payouts.
  • Exclusions.
  • Excess on claims.
  • Definitions of pre-existing conditions.
  • Money-back cooling off periods.
  • Flexibility.

Make sure you always read the fine print.

Always ensure the company is backed by a stable and established underwriter.

If in doubt, phone the company direct to discuss details of the cover.


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