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Why purchase travel insurance?

Travel insurance may actually save you money, resulting in a cheaper campervan hire cost.

Any hired campervan will be covered by insurance as part of your hire cost, but you will be required to pay an excess if anything goes wrong. Most campervan hire companies allow you to reduce the liability for damage by paying a higher per-day rental cost but it may be cheaper to accept the standard excess and purchase travel insurance -- some travel insurance companies cover you for your rental vehicle excess.

There are other reasons for obtaining travel insurance, the campervan insurance doesn't cover you for everything that could go wrong on your travel.

It is unlikely that your personal belongings will be covered by the hire company's insurance policy. Travel insurance will cover you for any lost, stolen or damaged property. This may be particularly relevant if you are travelling with digital cameras, iPods or laptop computers.

If you're flying into Australia, or are flying within Australia to pick up your campervan, any flight delays or cancellations may result in you picking up your hired campervan later than you had arranged, but you will still be liable for the hire cost from the date you booked the vehicle. What if you become sick, or for any other reason are unable to travel during the period you booked your campervan? Travel insurance will cover you for these situations. You should arrange your travel insurance at the same time as you finalise your campervan booking.

The hired campervan insurance is likely to cover you for injuries in an accident, but not for any medical expenses resulting from illnesses or injuries that happen outside of the vehicle, such as while bush-walking. This is especially important if you're intending on participating in extreme sports such as skiing, scuba diving, sky diving or white water rafting.

The unexpected may happen anytime before or during your trip, and when you consider the potential expense, the cost of travel insurance is minimal and will give you the peace of mind to enable you to enjoy your travel.

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