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Best time of year to hire a campervan for a holiday in Australia

Australia is such a big country that, no matter when you visit, you are likely to find weather that suits you.

In the middle of the year, roughly May to August, Tasmania and southern parts of Australia will be cold and wet, and there will be snow falls in parts of Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. But this time of year is the "mildest" in the Northern Territory and northern regions. The centre of the continent will be dry, warm through the day but can be very cold at night. You will need to book caravan parks in advance in central and northern areas at this time.

At the start and end of the year, roughly October to March, northern tropical areas will be in their wet season, with thunderstorms, lots of rain, high temperature and high humidity, and occasional cyclones. This area is prone to flooding and some areas will be inaccessible at times. Southern areas at this time will be dry and warm to hot. Central areas will be dry and can get very hot. You will need to book caravan parks in advance in southern areas at this time.

The "in-between times" -- March to May and August to October -- are generally suitable for visiting any part of the country.

Australia can be split roughly into three areas for weather:

  • Temperate southern areas:
    • All of Tasmania.
    • Most of Victoria.
    • South eastern New South Wales.
    • South eastern South Australia.
    • South western tip of Western Australia.
    • Best time to visit: September through to April.
  • Dry central areas:
    • Most of central and southern Western Australia.
    • Majority of South Australia.
    • Southern parts of the Northern Territory.
    • Western parts of Queensland.
    • Western parts of New South Wales.
    • North western Victoria.
    • Best time to visit: April through to September.
  • Tropical north:
    • Northern parts of Western Australia.
    • Northern parts of the Northern Territory.
    • Northern parts of Queensland.
    • Best time to visit: April through to September.

Have a look at this map external link for more detail.

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