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Why hire a campervan to travel around Australia?

Travelling around Australia in a hired campervan has a number of benefits over the many other options for holidaying and travelling these days -- such as flying overseas or interstate and spending your time in a luxury resort, or travelling in your car or a tour bus from one motel to the next -- and a cheap hired campervan means you can stay longer.

Australia is ideal for a campervan holiday. You don't get to see the real Australia by staying in luxury accommodation in big cities, you need to get out of the cities and enjoy the countryside. The landscape varies from wide open desert in the outback to temperate rain forests in Tasmania, mountains everywhere and plenty of sandy beaches. A campervan is ideal for enjoying all the different landscapes.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Freedom to:
    • Travel at your own pace and go where and when you want to.
    • Go to places that a tour bus doesn't -- tour buses visit the most popular sights that are easy to get to, but some of the best parts of the country are less popular or more difficult to get to in a large bus.
    • Spend as long as you want at different locations -- on an organised tour your times are preset.
    • Stay overnight at remote locations -- your hired campervan can get you to lots of National Parks and other bush camps.
  • Value for money:
    • Combine your vehicle and accommodation costs.
    • Cook your own meals, which is cheaper than eating at expensive restaurants or relying on take-away.
    • There are a number of cheap campervan hire companies in Australia.
  • Allows you to see scenery and wildlife that you wouldn't otherwise.
  • Meet lots of interesting people -- camping ground and caravan park people are usually very friendly.
  • Sleep in the same bed every night and use your own cooking facilities.
  • Variety -- you can wake up in a different spot every morning.

Whichever way you look at it, there are plenty of benefits in hiring a campervan for your holiday in Australia.

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